Will I?

Will I Write About my Travels?

It was always my intention to write a book about my travels, but like other unfinished manuscripts, it languishes in my computer.  It’s not that I am lazing around doing nothing.  I have taken on too much with my volunteer work, but I am catching up.

I have this morning added more photos and stories to my Blogger blog, and am writing some BIG writing and speaking goals for me.

One thing I must put on my goal list is to say NO more often.   I love my volunteer work, but I get sucked in and in!!!

I am setting some timelines for myself in terms of my writing – knowing that I am going to have to work very hard to achieve them.  So much work, but I know my time is running out.  I have some BIG plans for more writing and travelling, so we will see what happens.

The photo immediately below is near where I live now, at Beachmere near the Caboolture River.  Lovely, peaceful (most days!)


On the Caboolture River at Beachmere.


On the way across the top end heading across Western Australia, on the way to the Northern Territory, passed Kununurra, is the wonderful Lake Argyle.  I had not realised how wonderful it was until I arrived there.  But I knew I just had to go!!  As you turn off the highway and head towards the Lake Argyle park and lake, you pass a turn off to Mary Durack’s home.  Now I know it wasn’t the original site of the Durack home, but it was not originally on this site – but moved here, brick by brick, body by body (in the graveyard) to the current site which is open as a Museum.

The Durack family were amazing – way up here in the mid 1800’s in this desolate but awesomely beautful place.  You can read about the Durack family here.

I do get emotional about some strange things – often when I realize that I am standing midst amazing history, and as I tried to pay the small entrance fee, I wiped back tears.  And as I ventured in and around the house, reading the material, looking at the artifacts the tears kept flowing.  When I went out in the yard and read the gravestones, the tears kept flowing.  I felt a bit of a goose, but that is what happens, and I have no control over it. I am so glad I went.  Mary Durack was a prolific writer – many of her books now available on Amazon Kindle.

I drove off with a great sense of achievement, knowing that I had been there.  I must read more of her books.  Shall transfer one to my Kindle today.  Done.

Argyle 013

Mary Durack’s house, Lake Argyle.

When I arrived at the Lake Argyle accommodation the only vacancies they had were in some awesome houses overlooking the lake – well above my budget.  However they had a couple of vacancies in staff quarters, so I had my own little cabin with ensuite etc in the very nice block usually reserved for staff.

That night was one of the regular Dusk Tours on Lake Argyle, so I booked in, and waited with the other guests for the mini bus to take us to the wharf.  What a glorious trip that was.  My camera worked overtime again.


Argyle 070 Argyle 121


Would love to go back.  Working on it.

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