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Recently I have been learning about podcasting.  This is part of my study of modern methods of getting one’s writing published.  I just happened on some information that I thought would benefit my writing friends.  It wasn’t for me – certainly not at the moment as I have another project on the go.  But one day. Perhaps.


A friend, Breanda Cross, does a lot of podcasting.  She’s a copious writer and has found a “niche” with fast fiction and podcasting. Earlier this week I went to her home and she showed me how she records the stories. With the help of www.audacity.com can use a range of voices and sounds to create her story.

It was rather amusing.  On the one hand, I was telling myself I was too busy already and didn’t want to learn more, but I found it fascinating.  I’m still not planning to do anything, but write about what I have learned.  But, maybe.  One day…

We all have our phones to do voice recording, and we can use these devices to record other sounds that maybe one day can be used in a creation.  Will I record some sounds and save them to Audacity?

black and grey microphone on stand from Unsplash.com

Photo by Panos Sakalakis

I spent an hour or so exploring podcasts on the internet.  I found where someone charges a fee to transcribe the words that people record in their stories.  There was a video with a great story, with the text appearing on the bottom of the screen.  The words that appeared on the screen were clearly spoken by a computer – and they were far from correct.  I suspect if anyone is serious about producing a quality story – that they edit what the computer has created.  In some sense it was humorous, but I feel a little frustrating for someone with hearing difficulties!

WordPress Meetup

Then last night I attended a WP Meetup.  I’ve been going to these for a long time, and often the material is too complex for me.  But often the material is too complex for me.  But I always learn something.  The first two sessions last night were mildly interesting to me.   The first two sessions last night were mildly interesting to me.  Information that I am unable to use right now,  but maybe one day…

The last session was on creating videos for one’s Facebook page or website.  My interest increased.  Not that I want to get on the filming bandwagon, but I found it interesting.  I’d never heard of a teleprompter before and was quite impressed.

Today I have done further research and found a free teleprompter – which I would find quite useful.  As someone who does public speaking, I can use one of those and the free one looks like it would be ideal.  I will practice that.

So, for my writing friends.  If you want to explore these avenues of getting your stories online, you can ask Google some questions.  If you have a modern cellphone, you have a voice recorder and video recorder – great to use.  Do you need any more equipment?  Maybe.  But practice with your phone first.  Practice reading your stories and explore the possibilities.


Audacity – https://www.audacityteam.org/  Program for recording.

Free Teleprompter http://www.freeteleprompter.org/

Video Platforms – www.vimeo.com, www.youtube.com

Podcasting Platform – www.whooshkaa.com

Podcasts – https://www.podcastrepublic.net/podcast/


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