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There are many Resources for Writers

What would be do without Google – our Go-To site for more information or help.  Google is a great resource for writers information. There are other places to search for the information you need, but I find I am addicted to Google.  Today, I was in a rush to find something to present at a writers’ meeting tomorrow.  Sure I have loads of resources in folders, but with a day full of meetings and creating certificates and more, I decided to Google it.

So Much it is Overwhelming

I remember when I first started exploring different ideas and information on writing, I invested in books.  I visited the library often and sought information, bought books (most of which I still have!), but these days I visit Dr Google.


Why not do a class online?  There are many to choose from – some very expensive and others at the lower end of the market.  Test and measure them.  Find some that suit you – watch for the time you will need to take to do them, and explore as much as you can before you pay.

What is your Preferred Genre?

I have read a lot of fiction, but my favourite genre is life story writing, but there are different topics or subgenres there.  Biography, autobiography, and perhaps obituary.

Have a look at the list of genres here in Wikipedia.

Work out what you like to read, and perhaps that is a guide to what you might be successful in writing about.  I like history and real life.  I also love reading obituaries and  do workshops helping people to write their own.  Initially my students think it is a depressing topic, but writing your own obituary gives you the opportunity to explore parts of your life that few people know, and allows you to add an element of humour.

Guided Autobiography

Last year I completed a course in Guided Autobiography and am now helping folk write their own stories.  It is quite an amazing adventure.  And just Google the words and you too will find a lot of information about the style and also you might connect with one of the 500 plus qualified instructors.


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Do you use Google for help with your writing?

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