Writing Retreat

Our Own Writing Retreat

Two friends and me – then there were three.  We had the opportunity to stay in a cottage at a property in the hills behind Eumundi.  The three of us meet weekly to help with our writing – so we decided to have a Writing Retreat.  The idea of writing all weekend with friends had great appeal.  Wonderful.  We decided to have three nights away and write.  Well, that was the plan!!!

The Plan

A list of items to take was created, and we were all set to go on the Friday.  I had a need to write some items for Weekend Notes so I decided to leave early and call in at a couple of places including The Skin Thing, Opals Down Under, and The Cheese Factory at Kenilworth.  I also had some books to drop into someone along the way. The latter didn’t happen as there were road works in front of the property.  Darn.

Writing Retreat 1

The Skin Thing at Glenview



I arrived out the front of the property and had just parked to wait for my friends, and seconds later they arrived.  How amazing.  We then drove into the property, along a dirt road with a large billabong, and soon came to the cottage where we were to stay.  As it turns out, our hosts were not there but we had access to the cottage and we parked our cars and unloaded our things.

Writing Retreat 2

Our New Friend

No Internet!

It didn’t take us long to get our computers and start to write.  However, much to our horror, we found we did not have either phone or internet access.  We could if we went up the hill and stood on a ladder, but of course that wouldn’t happen.

The manuscript which I had planned to work on, was in One Drive, so I was unable to access it.  So I started some short stories for another project I am working on.  But when I wanted to go to Dr Google for no information, I found that wasn’t possible.  Darn.  How can we live without the Internet??!!

A Dog, Ducks and Wallabies!!

The house dog made himself at home with us, even to the point that after he ran away one morning and was found by someone along the streets somewhere, he was brought back to us to look after (at the direction of the dog’s owner!)   And we saw the duck that goes up to the house every morning for his breakfast.

Did we get much writing done?

Well, not as much as we planned.  But we had a great weekend, and yes, we did a lot of writing, but not as much as we intended.  Still, it was happy writing.


Would you organise a weekend away to write?

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