Welcome to my website.  I often describe myself as “A Jill of all Trades and a Mistress of None” – as I have had a life full of amazing careers.  I have had a strange range of employment, an assortment of studies completed for a variety of qualifications. My love of learning, a love of creating (sewing, crochet, knitting, jewellery making, paper craft and lots more), a love of plant life, and a love of exploring.  Focus?  I find it hard to do, but manage to complete most of the tasks I set out for myself – eventually.

I have had many careers – and if I endeavour to list them, I am sure I would miss some.  If I was every asked if I could do anything – mostly I said I could and would.  Hence the variety of careers.

My first real job was in an office (I learned typing, shorthand and bookkeeping) in my last year of school.   However, that wasn’t for me and I soon found employment in an ophthalmologist’s office.   I did this for a couple of years before overnight deciding to be a nurse.

Mt Gambier, South Australia, was the only hospital that had an immediate vacancy for a trainee nurse.   I set off for another great adventure. In those days, I barely knew where Mt Gambier was, but it was to be my home for the next three years.   After,  I ventured to Melbourne afterwards and worked in hospitals and for a nursing agency, before returning to Mt Gambier to study midwifery.  However, the course was cancelled but I stayed on as a staff nurse.

It was that year that another adventure started – I met the man I was to marry and we did so late that year.  Our family started to grow the following year, and the year after that our second (and last) child was born.  My husband’s work took us to many places – Warrnambool, Victoria, Melbourne,  Sydney, Brisbane, Sydney and back to Brisbane in 1974. It was to be our last interstate move.  I loved Queensland.

Nursing played a big part in my life on and off until 2003 – but in between, I ran an Art and Craft Gallery and an Entertainment Agency.  I also worked as an insurance representative, a workplace trainer (Retail, Hospitality and Aged Care).  For a short time I was a Marketing Manager for a shopping centre.

In the late 1900’s I started at university and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Training.  It actually qualified me for something I had been doing for some years.  My interest was in Literacy and Numeracy, as since childhood I had been a bit of a writer.

In 2005, I had an adventure which was to change my life in many ways.  Solo, I travelled, via the USA to Dublin to do some research for a biography.  I learned that I could do things on my own!!

In 2007, I commenced study to be an ESL Teacher and in 2008 I worked in China as an English Teacher at a University.  In 2009, I was in South Korea in a similar capacity,  The following year I did my last full-time teaching stint in China, at the same university as in 2008.

On my return to Australia in 2010, my marriage was over so I went house sitting for over 2 years.  I chose to study so in 2012 I graduated from Swinburne University with a Master of Arts (Writing).

After graduation, I set off on another solo adventure – a drive around Australia – from Brisbane, via Charleville to Bourke, Broken Hill and down to Adelaide.  Then I followed the coast to Broome, Western Australia.  Then it was a drive across the top end back to Brisbane – some 35,000 kms over 5 months.

I have been back in Queensland for 4 years now.  As well as volunteering at the Caboolture Historical Village, I am endeavouring to complete some writing projects.

I still enjoy travelling.  My last BIG trip was in my new car from Brisbane to Canberra via Dubbo (rode my bike around the zoo), then on to Sale and Melbourne.  I travelled across on the Spirit of Tasmania, and drove around Tassie for almost a week before returning to Melbourne.  After a few days “rest” I took the Great Ocean Road route to Warrnambool, and revisited Mt Gambier and Adelaide.  Then back via a familiar route to Broken Hill, Bourke, then new territory to Lightning Ridge, St George and back to Brisbane.

This website is a collection of my interests and ramblings ( Read my Blog).  I do work with writers (on editing, blogging and marketing)  – am keen on history, bamboo, life story writing, and love photography.  Of course, I continue with my writing projects.

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