History fascinates me.  I do recall doing some major assignments – I think in primary school, on history topics.  One I remember well was about the Hittites.  I admit now that I understood little of what I wrote and have no idea where the Middle East might be, but I found out some interesting information that impressed my teachers at the time.

My own family history also fascinated me, but it was many years before I was to learn all about the Ragless family (my mother’s side) and the Watsons (my father’s side),  My second cousin the late Maggie Ragless wrote a great deal about the Ragless family, and I have some of her books.  She was a historian with the Mitcham Council in South Australia.

I have not formally studied history but I enjoy it, and currently volunteer at the Caboolture Historical Village, just 50 kms north of Brisbane, Queensland.  As well it all links in with my writing of life stories too.


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