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Letter Writing

The Decline of  Letter Writing It is so sad that there is little letter writing these days.  And Christmas Cards are also in decline.  I was a great letter writer and had several pen pals when in my teens. Sadly … Continue reading

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End of Year, Beginning of New Year

It is almost the end of year 2017.  Time to reflect and plan the beginning of a New Year. House Sitting Again I am house sitting at Clayfield – just a few short kilometers from the centre of the Brisbane CBD.  A … Continue reading

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Companion Dogs

Dachshunds – my kind of companion dog. I do miss my dogs. Maybe one day I will have a companion dog again! For years we had miniature long-haired dachshunds in our lives.  I loved them.  I would love to have … Continue reading

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Solo Living Challenges

Solo Living One of the reasons for working on the SoSeW project is that being solo for quite a while, I am learned of the many challenges of living solo. Women generally have more challenges than men – but more … Continue reading

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Risking Arms and Legs on Dashboard in Cars

What are they thinking with their feet on the dashboard? Yesterday, I went with my daughter as she delivered her daughter and friend to a party.  On the way, we passed a car where the passenger was playing on her … Continue reading

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