In the Bus, In the Rain

Living in the Bus in the Rain.

Bus and Rain, don’t go together. Down comes the rain today. I am back in the bus, Murtle, after seven weeks house sitting, and after weeks with little rain, it is bucketing down today.  I arrived at the bus late yesterday, and not knowing about the pending rain, decided to leave things in the car until this morning.  Bad Idea, as it turned out.

I didn’t bother about connecting the power last night, as I had enough battery for lights, radio etc, but there will be no sun today, so look forward to having power.  It rained a little in the night, but this morning it is very heavy.  So much so that I have had to shut all windows.  There is also a leak in the back window, so I have to manage that.

In the Garden at the last House Sit

In the end, it was too dark, and I had no life in my phone or computer battery so I headed to the house.  Water was about 3 inches (7.6 cms) around the van, so I carefully walked through it carrying my computer in its bag and headed to the Gough house.  One granddaughter is home – watching her mobile phone I think.

Beautiful Garden

Nodding Violets at the House Sit

Life in the bus can be challenging.  It is better with power, and it is horrible when it rains. I have about four weeks here – though when the family are away, I can spend more time in the house.  Me and Steel, the dog, for about a week.

Bus Living is Challenging.

I don’t mind living in the bus, but long term it is not an option for me.  I am focused on some co-housing, but it is slow going at the moment.  Hopefully more progress in the new year.

I have a few house sits for 2018 – and perhaps be the end of that period, I will have more info about better housing for me.

(These photos are from the last house sit at Sandstone Point – a discovery of the  wonderful beachfront – with lots of photo opportunities).

Near high tide at Pebble Beach












Rocky Beachfront at Pebble Beach/Sandstone Point

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