Another Thing Off the Bucket List

While “house sitting” on the Gold Coast for nearly three weeks, minding my son’s apartment, tropical fish and occasionally his children, I had several things on my “bucket list” to achieve.   Previously I have resided up to 100 kms away, so it has been difficult to fit in the things I wanted to do around the GC.

Bucket List – Margaret Olley’s Gallery – Tick!

One was to visit Margaret Olley’s Gallery at Murwillumbah, which I have done, and the other was to go on a Whale Watching Cruise.  I bought a ticket for the latter via Groupon, thus saving quite a few dollars.

Today was the day.  I, and many others, from the four corners of the globe it appeared, I went out into the Pacific Ocean in search of whales, or any other major sea creature.  The cruise was only 2 ½ hours, a fairly short window, in some way.

However, there was success.  There were two whales headed south, which we followed at a safe distance and two headed north later in the cruise.  It was a good day, though the swell once out of the Broadwater was enough to make a few of the travellers reach for the sick bags.

Another Thing Off the Bucket List 1

Still in the Broadwater

Another Thing Off the Bucket List 2

At the Spit

Luckily, I managed to escape my usual sea sickness, though I did feel seedy for some of the trip.  Not enough to stop me taking photos though.

Another Thing Off the Bucket List 3

City by the Sea

Another Thing Off the Bucket List 4

The water spout indicates whales – and there were 2

The scenery is spectacular and it was a good day for photography, though a little hazy at times.  There were quite a few other boats out to sea.  The Sea World Whale Watching boat joined us towards the end.

Bucket List – Whale Watching Cruise, Tick.

Another Thing Off the Bucket List 5


We “followed” the whales heading north – and they were in quite a playful mood, breaching often and “waving” at us.

Apparently, there are record numbers of whales this season, making their way north and later returning.

So glad I had the opportunity of seeing them, though I would like to have been much closer to them.

Am also lucky I wasn’t seasick!!

Another Thing Off the Bucket List 6



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