There’s Cotton Growing in My House

Cotton Growing came to Australia in the First Fleet back in 1788.  However it took a while for the cotton industry to get strong in Australia after some shakey starts.  Unless you travel to certain parts of Australia you will see nothing of it.


Cotton Display at Narrabri


Cotton Fields Photo at Narrabri

When I went on my 8000 solo drive in August/September, I went south to Goondiwindi – and it was there I saw some of the cotton fields.  There was really little to see as the cotton had all been harvested.  There were fluffs of cotton on the roadside – blown there by the wind probably from vehicles that had been in the cotton fields.

As I ventured further south I came to Narrabri Information Centre – where there is a wonderful display of Cotton.


Cotton Fields from Backdrop in Visitor Information Centre

While there I bought a couple of items.  One was a small plastic box with samples of cotton – just as it was picked in the fields.  It also contained some seeds.  I have given them to some grandchildren, but I kept a few seeds for myself.

Recently I planted one – and very quickly it has grown.  So far it is only a couple of inches high, and I doubt it will go on to produce some cotton for me, but I will endeavour to achieve that.  I will nurture it and watch it grow.

I would like to return to the “Cotton Fields” mid-year, as that is when the cotton is harvested. It would be great to go on a Cotton Tour to see it all. I am sure it would be spectacular.

Cotton needs a lot of water to grow.  It is something that is discussed often in Australia as we always have a shortage of water, and the cotton industry uses so much.


Water Channel

Huge channels such as in the photo above criss cross around the cotton fields.  It is rather awesome to see.  Of course this method of getting water to agricultural land is seen all around Australia – but the cotton industry is a huge user of water resources.

Where is Cotton Grown in Australia?

In New South Wales – along the Barwon and Darling Rivers in the west and the Murrumbidgee River in the south.

In Queensland, mostly on the Darling Downs, St George, Dirranbandi and Macintyre Valley Regions.

(From Cotton Australia website here.)


I will see what happens to my cotton plant.


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