Neighbours – The Good and the Bad

My very good neighbours are on the move.  Because of a health issue, they must move to a dryer climate and are heading north and a little inland.

I’m shattered.  They are wonderful neighbours and I will miss them.  We know we were there for each other, but have never had to call out for any emergency. Mr R mowed my front lawn – something that I really appreciated.  But the most important thing is that they were there.  They kept an eye on my house when I was away and I did for them too, though they have only had short trips.

5 Things that Good Neighbours Do

  1. They are there for you.  They keep an eye out for anything unusual, or untoward.
  2. Friendship – able to catch up over a cup of coffee, glass of wine or just or a chat.
  3. Provide “support” in an emergency.  Luckily I haven’t had one, but I know that they would be there for me.
  4. Bins, Mail and Newspapers – we have always helped each other.  Sometimes I bring in the bins, other times they do.
  5. Good neighbours are friendly, helpful and non-interfering.

I have had bad neighbours.

The bad neighbours

The single mum, alcoholic who would phone me and rant and rave – much of it the booze was talking.  They didn’t mow their lawns, they were unfriendly at time, and their dog constantly barked, which she said she wouldn’t do anything about it.

Across the road is a family – the bloke loves loud music – so loud that it makes my furniture IN my house vibrate and I can’t hear my radio or television.  His friends ride loud motorbikes and they clearly break the road rules with their riding and loud partying.

My newest neighbours.  Two single men, and a single mother with three children and a dog that constantly barked.  The mother yelled and screamed at the children every day and she was asked to leave the house.  Then one of the guys left.  So a single man appears to live there on his own.  He has kept the dog quieter.  He has had washing on the line for weeks.  It would have been dried and wet with rain several times.  It remains.

He doesn’t put rubbish out for the weekly collection. I wonder if it is left IN the house.

His car, with windows open, has been sitting in his drive way for nearly 24 hours now.  I am not sure what that means.  Should I go and see if he is ok?  After the abuse he aimed at me when I told him his dog was distressed and barked all night when he was not home, I am not sure about that.  I will wait to see if anything happens. Perhaps I will phone the police.

I am wondering what my new neighbours will be like.  Hoping they will be nice and friendly.


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