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What is Blogging?

I started many years ago –  when I travelled to Ireland in 2007, my friends and family asked me to inform them of my travels.  I discovered that the easiest way to do it was to create a blog.  I did this through a paid platform and did my best to keep updated with photos and stories.

As a result, I have been blogging ever since – having a lot of fun, enjoying my writing and at times making money with my blog.  Sadly I get too busy at times to keep it up.

So what is blogging and what is its history?  Click here to find out.  (I love Wikipedia!)  I ended up teaching courses on it – between my other activities.  I ended up with quite a few blogs – most of which were not updated much.  My dog had his  own blog, and I kept updating it until his passing.

Why Blog?

It started somewhat like a diary, where I posted stories about my travels.  And it was 2007 when I got serious.  I went to Ireland on a mission, (that’s another story) and was using Typepad in my endeavour to keep family and friends informed of my activities.  It was hard, as in those days getting internet access was a challenge.

Businesses use blogging to update customers on new products, services etc, and for many it as part of their marketing – though many of the posts are more like articles than blogs.  There is often little SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), or putting the message out that there is a new blog post.

I think it is almost essential for writers, but I have learned that many do not understand the amazing benefits of doing blogging right, and if they are writers it should be easy for them to learn a few extra skills to promote themselves and their work in a blog.

Helping Bloggers – Task for 2023 

Recently  I was asked to help a group of writers create their own blogs, and I learned that most did not have a website.   Mmmm.  That means I have to start from scratch.  So where did I go for help?  Google and Youtube.

So soon these folk will be directed to this great site for newbies to learn.  Click here to find it.  You can too. It’s free to watch (after some ads).

About Blogging 1

Kramer – the mini dachshund

I ran Kramer’s Diary – or should I have called it Kramer’s Blog.  Anyway he was my favourite dog at the time and I liked recording his story.  The point is you can do almost anything in a blog – well, as long as it is legal and appropriate.

When I was house-sitting, I recorded a lot of my adventures, and when I travelled I did too.

Photos and Images

Photography came into my life around that time – not only was I recording the places I visited but I found it extremely useful to use them in my blogs.  I ended up getting fancy cameras, joining a Camera Club and entering competitions.

About Blogging 2

Rain Drops taken with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are websites offering free images (you must acknowledge the photographer) but I prefer to take my own photos.   And it means I can set up some special images for particular topics too.

For me it is more like a hobby, though I may find that this year brings me speaking/training opportunities and more guest blogging opportunities.

I already have some consultations in motion, so I will see how blogging goes in 2023 and beyond.

If you are a blogger and would like some information, please comment below.



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