Lost Little Boy

The Unexpected

It was totally unexpected. Here I was, minding my own business, driving to the Car Wash at Rothwell, as my car was dirty and dusty, when it happened.  I saw a little boy – perhaps between 2 and 3 years of age, running, barefoot along the footpath towards a busy intersection.  Concerned for him, I stopped because I thought he was in danger.

I drove my car to a spot near where the boy was running, and the Car Wash guy and I rushed to “save” him.  He was a cute little blonde fellow, with a t-shirt and shorts over his nappy.  He didn’t know his name, nor where he lived.

Keeping a Little One Happy

While I endeavoured to amuse the boy, the Car Wash guy phoned 000 to notify the police.  It was some 20 minutes before the police car arrived.  I kept the little fellow busy with silly games.  “Where’s your nose?” and he’d point to it.  “Where’s your tummy?” etc.  He wasn’t scared or worried.  We played games for quite a while.  When asked his name, he whispered.  We never understood.

The Car Wash man gave him a lolly snake, which he devoured quickly, and he’d run and jump, and he’d run and hug me.  It was a little fun for me too – though he was a little heavy.  At one stage he ran into me and hit his head on my knee.  He lay on the ground holding his head, but after a few minutes, got up and hugged me again.  All was well.

Another lady had stopped her car when she had seen him on the street, and another vehicle drove up.  The man had seen the boy running, and went back to get his wife to help, as he felt he might be considered to be a pedophile if he tried to catch the boy alone.  We were all worried about him.  Where was his mother?  Father?  Who was supposed to be caring for him.  No one had reported him missing.

Here Come the Police

When the Police arrived, he was unphased and played with the policewoman, while the other officer made phone calls.  In the end, they drove off towards the area where we thought he had come from.

Around 1 pm, this appeared on the Police Facebook page.

“A young boy found this morning has been identified and returned to his parents this morning after been located in Rothwell.

Police would like to thank the media and members of the public for their assistance.”

I don’t know any more than that, but I am happy that he has been returned to his parents.

I know that little ones can be “adventurous” or “naughty” and abscond.  Hard for parents if this is the case.  We don’t know his story.  Another adventure for me.

boy holding hands with person on road

Photo by Julie Johnson, Unsplash.com

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