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A Break from a Long Flight

Since my return to Australia folk have asked me about my trip to Dubai and London.  I have really not updated this blog with the posts and photos that I had planned.  There’s been too much happening in my life since my return.  However, I will update some information. To break up the long journey from Australia to London, I had four days in Dubai.

I loved Dubai.  Now, I know there are issues.  The heat is one challenge.  OMG – I have never experienced such weather – it was almost breathtaking – in that it was hard to breathe.  I learned on day one, that I had to be in air conditioning at the hottest part of the day.

Dubai – Great for Shopping

That is why the shopping centres are so popular!!  They have amazing shops, are air-conditioned and many have entertainment.   The Dubai Mall has many shops, an exhibition of photographs, and the huge icing rink, and there was more.

The photography exhibition below

Playing on the ice rink

More of the Dubai Mall

Really one needs a few days to take in all that is in the Dubai Mall, and the same goes for the other major shopping malls. Just go in the middle of the day – avoid the outside heat.

I stayed at a hotel near the Dubai Creek in a suburb called Deira.  It was an interesting area – plenty of small shops, a park opposite the hotel.   McDonalds and KFC were nearby – not that I went to either.  I had asked at the hotel travel desk about interesting places to go to within walking distance and was told that there was nothing.  Wandering around on my own,  I was thrilled to find that there were interesting places around – including the Dubai Creek.

Tour of Dubai Creek












On the Creek

I walked along the waterfront – there was so much to see. I loved the wooden boats (dows) – there were heaps of them and I went for a short cruise on one of them. The boat driver was a Pakistani guy – who had lived in Dubai for many years. I got the impression that he lived on board the boat too.  It was only a short tour – but enough to learn about the road on floats, to see the rulers property, and see the amazing buildings going up all around.

This was the view from my hotel – on the 5th floor.  No trees to see in this area – it was all desert.  There were a number of mosques too – so five times a day you could hear them praying.

From the hotel window

The Doorman at the Dubai Mall

I’d love to go back.  Maybe one day.  I would like to go out to the desert and perhaps to Abu Dhabi.  And go out to the amazing man-made islands, and up into the tallest building.  There’s so much to see.

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