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Who is Podcasting?

I have been busy reading articles about podcasting. My interest is to learn how many Aussie writers are using this technology to promote their work, their topic or their books?  Of the writers I know only a small number are doing podcasts.  I am still exploring this and keen to start doing some.  There is quite a raft of items I must tick off my “To Do List” before I set up my own program for doing podcasts.  One of the items on my to do list is to finish a manuscript that I have been working on, and it will probably be the first subject of any podcast.  Meanwhile, in my spare time, I continue the learning process.

I have the tools I need e.g. digital tape recorder, mobile phone and I have Audacity loaded onto my laptop, and I have been enjoying listening to other podcasts.  I am not yet ready to publish my podcast attempts.

Aussies doing Podcasts

It is not easy to find podcasts by Australian writers.  I suspect that we are somewhat behind what is happening in the US and UK, but I have found one.  Patti Miller is well known in Australia for her books on writing life stories and memoirs, and she is interviewed on a podcast.  I found this podcast.   Click here to listen.

Learn how to do Podcasting


The Australian Writers Centre

There are many podcasts listed on the AWC website, with interesting information for new and experienced writers, so see the article below.  There is some great information there.  It appears that there have been some Australian writers doing podcasts for several years.  I suspect though, that the percentage of writers using this technology compared to those in the US, is low.

“So you want to be a writer” listed in top writing podcasts!

Are you interested in doing podcasts?

Do you know of any Australian writers doing podcasts?  Please feel free to write the details in the contact form below.

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