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I like my photography!  A few days ago, I awoke just before 6 am and as I often do, peered out of the blinds in my bedroom to see what the weather was like, and I noticed a red glow in the sky towards the sea.  Quickly I dressed, grabbed the camera (Olympus) and took off in my car to the waterfront.

There is a hall on the seafront – it used to be a sailing club, but that is where I often go to take photos of the sea.  It is often a great place to take a photo – preferably when there is no wind, and the sea is still.

The colours of the sunrise on this day were amazing.  I stood in the cold of the early morning and watched as the scene changed.  As the sun rose the clouds moved around and the colours also changed.


Dawn at Beachmere – by Di Hill

A few days earlier I was at a meeting at venue on the waterfront – late in the afternoon, and took these photos there.


Dusk at Beachmere – by Di Hill


Looking towards Bribie Island – by Di Hill

The waterfront at Beachmere changes frequently.  Dawn is often spectacular – especially if there is low tide.  In fact, low tide provides the most interesting of images, as the pools of water create a different scene almost every day and it varies with the tides too.

I have learned that a flock of ducks (flock?  herd?  what name is a group of ducks?) are always there in the morning.  There are about 24 of them and they group together.  I suspect someone feeds them, or perhaps they “sleep” overnight in the area.  There are many types of birds that visit the area.

Sometimes there are boats – not a lot, and other times there are fish and birds rushing to the water to get a feed.

I often think about modern photography.  I have few photos of my childhood and various parts of my life as one had to pay for each photo one wanted printed – and the cameras were not as user friendly as the new ones.

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