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My Sunflower.

My first experience growing a sunflower plant and watching it bloom. Continue reading

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Best Photos of 2020

What are My Best Photos from 2020? What are my best photos from 2020? When I look back at my photos taken in the last year, I realise how busy I have been with my camera.  I enjoy visiting places, … Continue reading

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Working on the New Direction

New Direction Plans As life is returning to normal to some degree, I am working on some plans for the rest of the year. There are a couple of things I want to achieve – one is to set up … Continue reading

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Photos for Blogs

I like taking my own photos for my blogs and cards. I now contribute to www.unsplash.com
Continue reading

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Photography – UBC Day 9

Photography is a big hobby of mine, and as I write for some websites, (travel-oriented) I do take and use my own photography. I love writing “taken by me” in Weekend Notes.
Continue reading

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More House Sitting

Travelling and House Sitting That’s what I do.  I love Travelling and House Sitting.  I have been house sitting for most of the year – mainly in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland.  This week I moved into a lovely … Continue reading

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Ooops, I Forgot My Phone.

Rock Photography Expedition This morning, I set off on a photography walk. I had decided some weeks ago to revisit some interesting sandstone cliffs and take photos at Sandstone Point.  I am house sitting at the moment nearby. What difference does … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Tree Bark

I often spend time looking at the patterns on the bark of trees – for some have amazing patterns on them.  Occasionally I take some photos of them.  When I attended the Anzac Service at Beachmere on Tuesday (April 25th) … Continue reading

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Dawn at Beachmere

I  woke before dawn. My brain is overloaded at the moment.   I was awake too early, and tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep.  I jumped in my car and went to the beach and took these photos. I … Continue reading

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Travel Photos

I take a lot of travel photos. I had a little chuckle to myself at the camp at Columboola as I was often wandering with my camera.  One other lady took some photos, but the others didn’t. I wondered if … Continue reading

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