Consequences of Covid 19 Lockdown

Lockdown Again

Life as we knew it has changed, due to Covid 19. As I write this (August 1st) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is in lockdown. This we must do, for it is the rules from the State Government, but we must do it to keep ourselves and others safe.

I am fortunate in that I live alone, in a complex with 17 others, but my life is not particularly impeded by the rules. I can go out to the supermarket (with face mask and phone – to log into QR codes at every property I go to), and I don’t have children to teach/care for, and I have my computer and internet access. I have so much I can do and am a little (secretly) pleased that I may catch up on some things! Let’s hope I can.

The Major Negatives of Lockdowns.

I feel very sad for all those people who are negatively affected by C’ovi9d 19 consequences.  Those who have been sick and those whose life has ended due to the pandemic.  I feel for those who have family events (birthdays, weddings, funerals and more), businesses that have been so negatively affected and may not to be able to continue, people who are sick and anyone affected.

There are so many sad stories of people whose lives have been affected, and I am often brought to tears. How cruel it all is.

The Amazing QR Code

Until Covid hit us, I knew very little about the QR Code. But it is part of our everyday life now if we are out in the community. It fascinated me to read about it on Wikipedia. You can read the article here. 

And I have just discovered that they are easy to create.  I found this website – and I am going to try to create one.

I am not sure how/if I can use it, for I don’t have a business as such, though I don’t mind sending people to my Blog. Here.

QR Code Story and Covid

How would our lives be without the QR Code system during Covid 19?  It is used to trace people – especially those who come to test positive and potentially spread the disease.  That is why that everywhere we go, we must scan the QR code of the place we are visiting.  Be it a supermarket, cafe, restaurant, or any other retail outlet, movie theatre.  Anywhere.

This is how the Contact Tracers can track down where the infected person has been, and potentially who is at risk of contracting the disease. I feel for those countries where they don’t have this technology to use.

Young People and Covid

All ages are affected, but I feel for the many young people whose education has been interrupted, and those especially who have had to endure home schooling. But then I remind myself how wonderful education appears to be compared to what people my age endured at school.

My parents never visited my school, whether it was primary or high school.  My mother didn’t drive and it was a long way to my schools. And we walked to school – even if it rained. No bus or parent dropping us off. I walked through the bush for 2 km’s to get to school. The facilities at our schools were so meagre, and in some ways, I have a little envy of the facilities and teaching that students have now. I just hope they are all as resilient as we had to be.  And yes, their education is being interrupted. I trust they all manage to get through it and follow their dreams.

All of us are affected in some ways. Some more than others.  I think it is a good exercise to write about the experience. Future generations may be interested, but it will help people deal with things, especially if there have been many negatives as a result.

white and brown wooden chairs inside white room

Cafe’s Empty. Photo by Jess Morgan Unsplash

The important thing is to keep the illness under control, even if we have to cope with things that we are not keen on.

Take care everyone. Feel free to share your thoughts.


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