Day One – Ultimate Blog Challenge

Day One – My first task is to tell readers why I am  doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I often call myself a serial blogger – my business card and my website call me “Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan, Workshop Presenter.”    Some, and quite rightly would suggest that I don’t focus.  That is right.  It is a challenge to me, but I have had and am having a wonderful life and I do manage to have some successes!!

So you would ask me what my Blog is about.  It is somewhat a diary – as I tell tales of my adventures and I certainly have had a few, and I am sure I will have some more.  I am not at this point trying to sell anything from my website.  Maybe I will finish and publish a book one day, but at the moment, any readers will just have to read my ramblings if they find them interesting.

I am currently spending time learning WordPress – and have attended a WordPress Wordcamp, a WordPress MeetUp, and some workshops. I do the content for a number of websites.  I really like writing – not the back end stuff, but as I work on websites, I need to know more about the functions of WordPress and Plugins.

I am a writer for Weekend Notes – in fact doing well with WN.  I enjoy driving and travelling – am about to drive from my home near Brisbane down to Melbourne, then take my car on the boat linking Tasmania to the Australian mainland, and then around Tassie before returning to Melbourne, and then following the coast along to places that I lived many years ago, and then over to Adelaide where I was born.  I will spend a few days with my sister, before returning home via the centre of Australia.  I will be writing all the way.

My background, wife (once upon a time), mother of two, grandmother of four, former registered nurse, and a career in sales, retail, teaching and training, and more.

I have a Teaching degree and a Master of Arts (Writing), and have taught English in China and South Korea.  I have also driven right around Australia solo, taking photos of our amazing country.

There’s more, but I don’t want my readers to be bored, and some of it might appear during the UBC.  So what is UBC?  I have done it before, and always learn.  To me, it is an exercise in encouraging me to post every day and to follow the instructions that come to my email account every day for 31 days.  I learn, I do, I try to meet the challenge!

If you are a blogger, join now. It is Day One! Go to and sign up, and then read the emails and do as much as you can.  You will be so glad you did!!

The Start of the Challenge

Day One – the Start of the Challenge


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My business card says "Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan, Workshop Presenter." This website will focus on my writing - and the workshops I present. Workshops on Blogging, Marketing for Writers, and Life Story Writing.
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2 Responses to Day One – Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. What a great way for folks to learn about you, Di!

    And, I am happy to see that the Ultimate Blog Challenge ‘works’ fro you! We try to add inspiration, teachings, camaraderie, and build the community.

    Since you want to learn more about WordPress, make sure you stop by my site – it is filled with a lot of great content on WordPress (if I do say so myself!)

    Thanks for being part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge this go-around!

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