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This morning I opened my box of Family History to “sort out”.  I have so many boxes of “stuff” that needs to be sorted and I need to throw out useless paperwork.  There is little likelihood  I will throw out much from the Family History box.  I was sorting through it and found so much material. I won’t be able to bring myself to throw any out.

A certificate awarded to me around 1954.

A certificate awarded to me around 1954.


In the 1950’s I was a great fan of the Argonauts Club.  It was an Australian club for children, on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission).  Of course it was before we had television, and I used to run home from school to listen to the program.

It started off with a song.

Come, Old Mother Hubbard and Jack and Jill

And Tom the Piper’s son
Leave your cupboard forget your spill
We’re going to have some fun
The wireless says to hurry and run
To leave your games and toys;
The wireless says the time has come
For all the girls and boys.
So come with a hop, a skip and a run,

It’s time for the Session, it’s time for the fun  (Words from Wikipedia)

I can still sing it – and recall the voices as I heard them all those years ago.  

You need to know the story of Jason and the Argonauts to understand some of the clever programming.  Jason was the guy who headed the program, and the children who joined the group were called Argonauts.  We all had a name – our real names were not used.  I was Sardinia 34.  Using this name I wrote stories and posted them to the station.  I recall one story I wrote which was read out on radio. 

There was a newspaper “The Australian Children’s Newspaper” too.  I sent stories into them too.  One made it into the newspaper and I received the certificate below.

Something about My Father

Dad was in Toc H when we were children – he was always doing good things for the community.  Later he became involved with Lions International.  Again he did a lot of work for the community.  In 1983 he was awarded Brighton’s Citizen of the Year!

Dad and his book reading for Hear-a-Book

Dad and his book reading for Hear-a-Book


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