What a lot of rubbish!

Christmas Rubbish

So many trollies filled to the brim with Christmas foods, Christmas gifts and more. And so much rubbish!!!

Despite the issues in Australia with homelessness, lack of affordable housing, and the financial challenges that people have been experiencing, I was surprised to see so many people with full trollies. How much of it would end up as debris and add to the already concerning excess rubbish for collection?

Food waste? Sure, there’d probably be a lot after Christmas – and most is likely to end up in the rubbish bin for the local council to collect and add to landfill. Would much of it end up in compost bins? I hope so.  All the wrapping paper will eventually break down and maybe some will end up in compost bins.

But I can imagine that the family rubbish bin will be filled with “stuff” hastily and easily discarded, rather than recycled.  Hopefully, that is not the case!


Are people “hoarding” more?  And are Christmas gifts adding to the hoarding?  I have no doubt.  I have seen in some homes, how many items are purchased, but are rarely used, and just stored.

I watch the great storage facilities that are opening up around the suburbs and wonder if people are just moving household and other items to these places and storing things that they just want to keep.  Sure, many businesses use these facilities and are an important part of their business, but I know folk who use (and pay for of course) these facilities just to keep items that perhaps should be rehomed.

What a lot of rubbish! 1

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