Nearly the End

Nearly the End

The year 2023 is coming to an end. It’s been somewhat of a roller-coaster year.  I don’t plan to explain much of what happened because, with one month to go before the end of the year, I will focus and plan the next year.

I am working on a plan for 2024, which I will not share with anyone, but I have some great positives coming up, so I hope I can make the best of things in the future.

In past years I have worked on a great year plan, and while not all has gone according to my plans (and I usually make BIG plans), with hope that I can achieve most of them.

This year I have had little opportunity to travel and get away from day-to-day things, but one thing that I want to do before my driving days are over, is take another trip somewhere.

It won’t be a drive to Adelaide and back unless, of course, I get a new car.  And even then I would not be sure I’d do it.  I do miss country driving.  Time will tell.


This year I have won a number of peer awards and recognition for my photography.  This one, of the Wynum Jetty around dawn, was recognised and when I put it on Facebook I had around 90 comments.

Nearly the End 1

Some people asked what editing program I used.  None.  This is exactly as it was when I took it with my Olympus EM10.  And I love that in the bottom left-hand hand corner you can see the reflections of the light poles on the jetty.

I will continue to do my photography.  I select some of my best and print them (6″ x 4″)  and paste them onto cards, with an explanation on the back of the cards.  I usually give them away.

Some thing I love about the size – it is in “inches” – yay.  I remember those days, inches, feet and yards!!


I will continue to blog (maybe more often) and have some writing tasks to complete, so those will be high on my list to do.  And I hope some of my tasks will be done well before the end of the year of 2024!


A few months ago, I bought a new Kindle.  My old one is still working, but I had to upgrade because the technology had changed.  This year I have not done a lot of reading, in fact I was so busy with other things that it was really neglected.  But I am going to make time to lay on my bed and read.

I have a book on Kindle called “The Shanghai Wife” by Emma Harcourt, and despite the delay in starting it, I am well on the way.  Having spent time in Shanghai I like the connection I have in the writing, although the story started well before I was there.  But some things resonate with me.

Today I also picked up a book from the library, That Bligh Girl, by Sue Williams.  It must be popular as I ordered it months ago, and it has only just been available for me.  I will finish the Kindle one first.

Time Planning

This year I am going to plan Reading Time and Rest Time, and I am going to try to say “No” sometimes, too.

I will, I must take time to “rest and relax” in 2024.  As much as I can.  I will still be busy, but I will make time to rest and relax a bit more – even if it is just reading or wandering around taking snaps of things that interest me.



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