New Times, New Life (UBC3)

Hello Sunflower, New Times, New Life

I reflect on flowers, particularly the sunflowers that create new life and new times for their future.

Many years ago, an Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser,  said “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”, and he is well remembered for this. But I learned that he was not the first person to use these words. He said it in 1971, but someone else coined the phrase earlier. It was George Bernard Shaw who said

“Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful.”

― George Bernard Shaw

(from the website

New Life - taken by me with my Olympic Mark 10 Camera

Sunflower Buds

I know many of us have reflected on the year past, and have high hopes for a better 2023, but for some, it has already been difficult. Especially I think of the loss of life and the involvement of many people on Queensland’s Gold Coast yesterday when two helicopters crashed.

Today I looked at my sunflowers and could see the new beginnings. I have two plastic pots that I planted sunflower seeds into, several weeks ago. I must have been doing something right as they are about to bloom.

Taken by me with my Olympus camera

Flower Opening

Often flowers struggle to open up and show their glory – but I think mine are doing a good job. I’d like to wander in a field of them. (I’d need a lot of pots)

What will I do in 2023?

I’d like to think that, like my Sunflowers, I start very little (like a seed), and with plenty of love and nourishment, I set out to achieve my great goals for the year (like a great bloom).

In the next few months, I hope to publish a few books.  Mostly written, one nearly ready for me to “push the publish button”, and others close. I know there will be some ups and downs, as I am due for some surgery shortly, and if nothing else, it will throw my timelines out.

Between 2008 and 2018 I worked and travelled to China. I had some amazing experiences and met some wonderful people that I am still friends with, including one of my students from 2008. I visited her and her family on occasions and went to her wedding, which sadly ended in divorce a short time after the big celebrations. She could not find another man willing to marry her, and her wish to have a baby has been unsuccessful. My understanding is that she is coming to visit Australia, perhaps next month, and I will be helping her through the IVF process with a donor father. I know this will all affect my life during the process. While I hope that she will be successful, I may find it impactful in my life.

But I hope that despite these challenges, I will achieve some of my plans. I doubt I will get them all done!

And there’s more.

In February, I will make some changes (additions) to my plans. Will I be able to run a GAB (Guided Autobiography) course? Will I be able to make a difference in the treatment of older people (particularly women), as there is a major issue with the neglect of this cohort here in Australia – except for the wealthy people. I won’t go into detail but there are some “ideas” that may come to fruition in several months’ time, which really will impact my plans.

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