Best Photos of 2020

What are My Best Photos from 2020?

What are my best photos from 2020? When I look back at my photos taken in the last year, I realise how busy I have been with my camera.  I enjoy visiting places, and as an avid traveller I have grown a big collection but in the last 12 months I have done little travelling, thanks to COVID-19.

But I have picked out a few for you to see.  Some feature on the cards I create to sell or give away.

  1.  The Australia Signat the Caboolture  Historical Village (Queensland, Australia).  These and others now on view at the Village, were first on view at Expo 88.  Many of us remember visiting Expo 88 at South Bank during that amazing year.  Following Expo, the signs were at Shaftsbury on Deception Bay Road, which later became Arethusa College.  Eventually, they were refurbished by the volunteers at the Village and then put on display.
Best Photos of 2020 2

Caboolture Historical Village

2.  Mushrooms

One day, as I was walking on the waterfront at Deception Bay, I was surprised to see a large patch of mushrooms or toadstools.  There were different colours and so many growing after rain.  It reminded me somewhat of my childhood in Adelaide, where in winter we would forage for wild mushrooms in the paddocks around our home, or further out.  We loved going to Uncle Ossy’s as there were always plenty to pick and eat.  I doubt these are edible.

Best Photos of 2020 3


3.  Stones

Again this photo is from Deception Bay.  Fairies inhabited the waterfront near the swampy area, and they would often leave small gifts for anyone.  I found this beautifully painted stone there.  Maybe one day I will paint some stones.

Best Photos of 2020 4

Stone left by fairies

4.  Steele

This rascal is a member of the Gough Family of Hemmant.  In those days he was THE dog of the household, but recently has been joined by a young crazy pup, Flint.  Steele and Flint are Australian Shepherds.

Best Photos of 2020 5


5.  Wynnum Jetty – my very best photo of 2020.

This photo has appeared on many of my cards this year.  The sea was calm and there were several folk on the jetty – made for a great shot!  It is one of my most popular images for 2020.  Wynnum is a suburb of the city of Brisbane, on Moreton Bay, Queensland.

Best Photos of 2020 6

Wynnum Jetty Queensland

7.  Manly Harbour

Best Photos of 2020 7Right next door to Wynnum is the suburb of Manly.  Often the region is referred to as Wynnum/Manly – with both suburbs overlooking Moreton Bay, and the many islands in the bay.  Manly is known for its large harbour, and the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.

Best Photos of 2020 8

Manly Harbour

8.  Scarborough, Queensland.

On Christmas Day 2019 and 2020, I joined family members for the celebration of the season at Scarborough Beach, which is also on the edge of Moreton Bay, but around 40 km north of Wynnum.  When we arrived mid morning, I just had to get my camera out of the car and take a photo before anyone appeared on the waterfront.

I am sure it will be a popular image on my cards in 2021!

Scarborough Qld.

On Christmas Day 2020, the view from Scarborough Beach across to the Glasshouse Mountains.












How do I “create” my cards?

I use all my own photographs, which I take with my Olympus camera.  I often drive many kilometres just in search of a good scene to capture.  Occasionally I will collect a series onto a USB stick and head to Officeworks, where I print the cards in colour.  The cost is 10 cents.

The cards and envelopes I purchase from a paper shop at Brendale, just north of Brisbane, called BellaPaperie.   I print information on the back of each card, usually just the place of the photo, my name and link to my website.

Then I use a blue glue stick to paint the back of the chosen photo and attach it to the card.
When dry I insert the envelope and then insert into a cello bag.  All done.

Occasionally I sell them, but often just give them away and ask that they be used to send positive messages to people who need some support.

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